Ongoing projects

Active optics actuators

The primary mirrors of modern telescope are equipped with an active optics support that not only supports the weight of the mirror but also provides accurate force corrections to maintain the mirror in the optimum shape.

A novel type of electro-pneumatic actuators, originally developed for the INO340 3.4-m telescope, is now offered as a general and cost-convenient solution for all modern active optics telescopes.

The main characteristics are:

  • Force range 10 - 1000 N
  • Force resolution 0.15 N @ 10 Hz
  • Large stroke ±3 mm
  • Low dissipation electronics can be integrated in the actuator body

INO340 Iranian Telescope Project

One of the latest additions to the international collaborations and consultancy work of OptoLab.iAi is the project of a 3.4-m telescope currently being developed by the Iranian National Observatory.

The INO340 is the project for a new 3.4-m optical and near-infrared Cassegrain telescope embedding active optics.

We are in particular providing assistance to system engineering and to the development of the active optics components.

DAG Telescope

The DAG (Dogu Anadolu Gözlemevi, Eastern Anatolia Observatory) is the project for a new state-of-the-art 4-m optical and near-infrared telescope. This project has now entered the realization phase. The installation of this new telescope is planned on a 3000 m site in eastern Anatolia near the city of Erzurum.

Optolab.iAi has produced during early 2014 the preliminary study for the optical systems of the telescope.

The main contract for the procurement of the telescope has been assigned to the company AMOS (Belgium), with OptoLab.iAi holding the supervisory role in the follow-up and development of the optical aspects of this project.

Furthermore, Prof. Laurent Jolissaint of OptoLab.iAi is also in charge of the development of DAG instruments, including a state-of-the-art adaptive optics and derotators modules.

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